Lazy B John Henry's Grand Duke
Reg Number: 3644-S

2019 Dark Liver Chestnut Suffolk Punch Stallion
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We have seen the need for a sturdier cowhorse that is able to lead out a big bull or rope a heavy one in the branding pen. We have recently started breeding a Suffolk-Quarter horse cross. 

Suffolk Punches are known for their sweet dispositions, intelligence as well as a strong work ethic. We hope that by breeding our quality AQHA mares to this work style type stallion; we will get a more powerful horse with a strong topline and haunch with the cowsence of the horses we are already breeding. 

These horses will make a great ranch horse that is tough enough to handle the hardiest bulls and cattle on the end of a rope. Be strong enough to pack out an elk from hunt camp. (or a defensive linebacker if needed)  Yet gentle enough for a scenic trail ride with a group of friends at the end of the day. 




****We do not offer breeding to outside mares and do not offer straws at this time****

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