About Us

We operate most the year in Geneva, Idaho. It is where we breed and foal our herds. The weather is great for the majority of the year and really lets us take advantage of our pastures.

When the weather gets cold we pack up the horses and head south to Kingman, Arizona. This gives our horses and ourselves a respite from the snow and a chance to warm our bones. All while being within an hour and a half drive to the Wickenburg area, the epicenter of winter horseback riding activities.

We like to manage our herds as naturally as possible. This involves breeding and foaling out on the range. We might foal for a longer season but we like to leave the horses to be horses as God intended.

We believe that by foaling in pasture it gives them a head start in life. They quickly learn about wildlife, badger holes, barbed wire fencing and all types of terrain. These horses are surefooted and reliable.

Herd dynamics are a major part of our horse's lives. They are born into a herd where they learn about social hierarchy, discipline and behavioral cues. This herd experience builds confidence and encourages curiosity.

By letting foals grow up in a herd they recieve priceless lessons in herd mentality and should be able to fit into any future home easily.

Each year we offer the majority of our weanlings for purchase. We hold back a few to make into saddle horses for use on the ranch.


(928) 727-6156

Two locations: 
Geneva, Idaho
Kingman, Arizona

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